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Car covered in snow – car windshield.

Car snow removal has always been a hassle through the years. Your glass windscreen is covered with snow, and what would be the fastest, easiest way to clear all that snow so you can see the road to drive the vehicle in these harsh conditions safely?

Use ClearFast®. Our system provides a heated fluid to remove snow from the car windshield. Spray this heated fluid onto your car, and the windshield wiper will clear it away.

In this video, you will see the ClearFast® system in progress. It clears the windshield in roughly 30 seconds! You will hear the start of the automobile.

38 second video showing how fast (30 seconds) the ice frost snow is cleared from the windshield.

How to melt ice on windshield car

… and how to defrost windshield

You will notice in the video that the car starts and takes a few seconds to warm up, then Windshield fluid is sprayed from the Windshield washer reservoir with the ClearFast® device installed. This removes snow, frost, and ice from the windshield glass quickly and efficiently. The Windshield wiper blades spread the heated fluid sprayed from the windshield washer nozzle evenly across the windshield, melting any ice that may be present. As a result, you will no longer have an ice car.

Snow cover windshield
Snow cover – I bet you wish that your car had ClearFast®

Electric cars can benefit from the quickness of ClearFast®.

Electric cars use the battery for everything, including clearing the car windshields. It is imperative to ensure you get a clean windshield as quickly as possible. With ClearFast® windshield de-icer, heated fluid from the windshield washer reservoir clears these electric cars of snow, frost, and ice in seconds.

Electric cars are a new technology and are becoming more and more popular. Car companies scramble to develop new models and compete in this growing market. One issue these electric cars share is the need to keep the windshield clear of snow, frost, and ice. This can be a challenge, especially in cold climates where these conditions are common.

Electric car owners will find that using ClearFast® windshield de-icer system is the best way to clear their windshields quickly. ClearFast® is an electronic system that is dispensed heated fluid from the windshield washer resevoir. It clears snow, frost, and ice quickly, allowing the driver to see clearly and safely.

ClearFast® is going to be installed on next year’s car models. It is a great way to clear your windshield during a  very cold winter.

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