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Capacitive Sensors Anti-Trap

  • Capacitive Sensors Anti-Trap provides proximity sensing. We detect human presence indoors, in seating, and in other areas. The safe use of motorized functions is recognized and executed. ascencione’® currently has more than 100 profound and very active patents. Including Capacitive Sensors Anti-Trap – SmartClose®

Capacitive Sensors Anti-Trap
    • Door panels
    • Swing doors / Tailgates
    • Sliding doors
    • Power liftgates Decklids
    • Side Windows, Sunroofs
    • Seating Systems
    • Smart Open / Close Liftgate or Sliding Door
    • Safe, hands-free entry for liftgate or sliding door
    • Smart Power Seat
    • Improved level of safety over standard obstruction detection
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