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Amway Corporation’s E.O.L. Flow Switch Assembly

At Amway Corporation, innovation and quality have been at the forefront of our mission since our establishment. We take pride in introducing our E.O.L. Flow Switch Assembly, a testament to our dedication to excellence in design and performance. Located at 7575 East Fulton Road, Ada, Michigan, our corporation has been a pioneer in delivering reliable solutions.

Letter of Approval and Performance

In a recent communication with Mr. Marlin Fry of Nartron Corporation, we are pleased to share the outstanding performance of our E.O.L. Flow Switch Assembly. Backed by meticulous testing and evaluation, our assembly has surpassed expectations, as evidenced by a letter of approval from Roy Taylor, the WTS Coordinator.

Mr. Taylor’s commendation highlights the remarkable resilience of our flow switches, enduring 2.38 million cycles of continuous on/off flow without failure or significant drop in flow. This endorsement underscores our unwavering commitment to producing products of unmatched durability and reliability.

Furthermore, Rudy Kool’s endorsement of the design, following rigorous burst pressure cycle testing and blow-out tests, reaffirms the integrity of our assembly. Withstanding pressures up to 600 psi, our E.O.L. Flow Switch Assembly has proven its capability to perform under demanding conditions, setting a new standard for excellence in engineering.

Acknowledgment of Excellence

We extend our sincere congratulations to Marty Zoerner, the engineer behind this exceptional design. Marty’s ingenuity and expertise have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. His dedication exemplifies our collective pursuit of excellence, inspiring our production team to strive for similar accomplishments.

Anticipating Future Success

While the final assessment rests with the NSF, we are confident in the reliability and performance of our E.O.L. Flow Switch Assembly. With a track record of success and endorsement from industry professionals, we anticipate smooth sailing in the approval process.

In conclusion, we thank you for your continued support and partnership as we continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Together, let us forge ahead towards a future defined by excellence and reliability.


Dennis E. Kidd
Senior Group Leader
Electromechanical R&D

Sincerely, Dennis E. Kidd

Senior Group Leader

Electromechanical R&D



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Walt Gorak
Roy Taylor
Roy Kuennen
Rudy Kool

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