Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS)

Heated washer fluid dramatically improves driver safety on today’s vehicles by de-icing and cleaning the windscreen quickly. This advanced Clear Vision Safety System provides a high value business opportunity indicating a 40% consumer demand. An additional application of CVSS-HAV (Highly Automated Vehicle) prolongs the vehicle operation under automated driving modes (autopilot) and during adverse weather conditions by keeping camera lenses/LIDAR clean and clear with heated fluid/air pressure combinations.

Smart Open/Close Power Liftgate or Sliding Door

Safe, complete level of security, keyless entry Smart Open responds to the driver’s presence and uniquely reads a personalized gesture to open the Power Liftgate, Decklid or Sliding Door with two feet firmly and safely on the ground. Enhanced care and convenience provide unique consumer desired brand distinguishing features.

Smart Close® Anti-Trap Power Liftgate, Sliding Door, Tailgate, Tonneau, Window & Sunroof

Smart Close® anti-trap closures provide safety and security by sensing and responding to a human presence, i.e. the capacitive system instantly reverses without human contact, preventing accidental injury. Our electronic module controls the motor and commands panel position reversal, even if the switch is being held in the “closed” position. The Smart Close® system integrates with all power closures. These non-contact/low contact force anti-trap systems allow for remote management of vehicle closures using a personal phone, without requiring the vehicle to be in visual contact with the operator if desired.

Capacitive Sensors for Anti-Trap

Capacitive sensors provide proximity sensing of human presence for closures, seating, and other applications where presence or occupancy detection is needed for safe operation of motorized functions. Ascencione’s technology is deep and active i.e. more than 100 patents issued.

kidSafe® Rear Seat Child Reminder

For the rear seat(s) of a vehicle, the kidSafe® Rear Seat Child Reminder can detect a child in various car seats; infant to booster seat while distinguishing between adult verses child occupant. This feature uses capacitive sensing to verify a child is present in the rear seat and can show a warning sign in the instrument cluster, sound the car’s horn or even notify the driver through their smart phone after the car is turned off.

Smart Power Adjust/Fold Seat

Smart Power Seat anti-trap seat system provides a higher level of safety by sensing or responding to a human presence, i.e. the capacitive system instantly reverses preventing human contact or accidental injury. Our electronic module controls the motors and commands seat position reversal, even if the switch is being held in the “aft” position. Superior to hall-count or motor current monitoring methods which require exerting high forces on obstruction before obstacle detection occurs.

Smart Touch® / Intelligent Surfaces

On interior surfaces like garnish moldings/door trim panels create display controls and operating icons that come to life when someone’s hand is nearby to activate a switch with positive feedback. This improves the interior’s aesthetic design by only seeing the controls when needed while maintaining the design harmony of the interior.

KETS- Keyless Entry System

Outside door handle with capacitive sensing to unlock and unlatch the door, including immunity to water and activation can be with a gloved-hand when the vehicle’s key fob is detected. Options for near-field-communications (phone unlock/unlatch), LIN bus connectivity and integrated connector provide even greater benefit.