Smart touch screen innovation

Smart Touch® / Intelligent Surfaces

On interior intelligent surfaces like garnish moldings/door trim panels, create display controls. Display operating icons that come to life. The icons activate a switch with positive feedback when a hand is nearby. The interior’s aesthetic design is enhanced. You only see the controls when needed. All of this while maintaining the design harmony of the interior.

Smart Touch® is capacitive touch technology that empowers intuitive touch. Gesture interfaces in the vehicle interior with Smart Touch®. 


An active surface maximizes design and gives full 3d design freedom in styling and plastics.

Uses all of the available cockpit surface areas to add function and info-exchange through dead-front displays

Accent lighting with controls and surface finishes

Multi-level touch allows for functions pendant on touch pressure, numerous contacts, and the duration of a touch.

Reduces design intricacy – no openings for switches and no switch mounting structures, reduces wiring and weight.

Electrically Functionalizing Plastic structures

Intelligent Surfaces

Electronic Open Door

Electronic Open Door with gesture This video demonstrates signals recorded by our sensors and that each gesture inputs a unique distinguishable signal. This video demonstrates

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