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Clear Fast Functionality

  • 36ml Fluid Volume
  • Clear fast Monitors health of vehicle power system (automatically disables at <11V)
  • Time to discharge is 48 sec. for initial warm-up + 37 sec. for subsequent warm-up @ 20˚F and 16V
  • Communications via CAN, Serial or Switch
  • Temperature controlled 135-145F
Clear Fast

ascencione  ´® Value

  • Separated heater and electronics for optimized packaging
  • Lower current draw than other systems
  • Intelligent power management for adaptation to vehicle power budget
  • Boil over protection
  • Smaller footprint – location flexibility
  • Can be used with various types of de-icing / bug remover fluids
  • Compliant to SAE J942 freeze/thaw test
  • Integrated wiper system control functionality
Clear Fast Wiper System