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Clearfast® Hot Fluid windshield cleaning system


Hot washer fluid dramatically improves CLEAR VISION, with windshield cleaning

  • Heats the windshield washer fluid to 130°F in 30 seconds*,
  • Clears 1mm of windshield frost in less than 1 minute
  • Prevents wiper freeze-up in cold weather,
  • Eliminates the need for ice/snow scraping and bug removal,
  • Dramatically reduces daytime and nighttime glare,
  • Eliminates interior windshield fogging in most weather conditions,
  • Dramatic improvement in warm weather windshield cleaning; quickly removes bug residue and road film,
  • Compact – easily installed,
  • Meets FMVSS, SAE, and OE requirements.


  • Automatically powers on when the engine operates (and system voltage is greater than 12.8 volts); provides hot fluid until the engine is shut off,
  • Smart Wash activation for controlled dispensing of heated fluid.

EFFICIENT Fast Removal of Bugs/Ice and Other Residue

  • The hot fluid efficiently removes bug/wax, grime, ice, and snow from the windshield,
  • Provides clean, non-streak windshield for clear vision and safe driving in any weather.
  • Fluid is dispensed through the existing nozzle system or wiper blades,
  • Conveniently operates through existing wiper controls,
  • Operates at all vehicle angles inclines, hills, and level ground,
  • System diagnostics.
  • *28° Fahrenheit


  • CLEAR VISION™ dramatically improves vehicle safety
  • Hot washer fluid provides CLEAR VISION™, i.e., a clean windshield in all seasons


  • ”Instant” hot washer fluid eliminates scraping/waiting time to “get on the road.”


  • Optimum vision under all winter conditions, ie., a clear view
  • Eliminates need to get out of car to scrape windows


  • Hot fluid cleans quickly (windshield ice, road grime, insects)

Market Demand

  • JD Power survey indicates 57% want heated wash.